Accenture Goodbye

Dear all,
This is my last day at Accenture as I have decided to pursue a new career as CEO for MUDO. After being part of this great company for 10.5 years, it was not an easy decision and took a lot of consideration. Accenture is a GREAT place to work with GREAT colleagues. I am leaving because it was just the right time for a change and to try different challenging position.
I appreciate all the opportunities I was given during my time at Accenture ASG and Accenture IGEM. This has been an invaluable journey for me and I would like to thank all of you for your guidance, support and encouragement.
Especially thanks to: 
·         Fabio Vacirca for being supportive and for considering me as one of his sisters, in addition to being a challenging teacher, a role model, a sincere friend and a mentor, not only leading but also motivating and encouraging me at all times,
·         John Zealey, Angelo Italiano, Luca Mentucia, Fabio Benasso  for supporting me in my career development and expanding my vision.
·         Robert Jung, Jan Leitermann , Hans Jochen Kavasch for helping me to develop my career in difficult international experience in 25 countries for Chemicals Team and for Martin, Zeynep, Mariam, Stefan, Sina, Gerda, Amir, Caglar, Pierre,…  for my ASG friends  with whom I enjoyed every activity that we did all around the world and proved Accenture WORK HARD, PARTY HARD, PLAY HARD concept
·         Amy Loftus, Maria Angeles Ramirez for being perfect role model leader that I tried to be like  and touch other Accenture women’ s life
·         Marcello Tamietti , Ariano Arboletti, Dino Porello, Marco Spaziani Testa, Federico Rampolla,Alessandro Zanotti, Luca Andreoni, Alberto Sernia, Massimo Mentrasti, Cristina Pozzi, Davide Valentini, Michela Greco,..  all the IGEM  for support for our operations in Products Turkey
·         Raffaella Campagnoli for love at first sight and being great friend and for the fantastic times in project delivery and socializing  in last 12 months  
·         Romano Massimo for being the most Turkish 100% Italian friend that worked so hard to support PRD TR in last 2 years and did not give up despite obstacles
Special thanks to my great PRODUCTS TURKEY family ; for their contribution, collaboration and friendship. It has been a great pleasure and, more, a privilege working with you all and we could not achieve anything if you did not dedicate yourself for PRD TR and work so hard for last 6 yrs  together. I saw Products Turkey as my 3rd baby so I would like to watch closely in future to see that  it will always grow and reach our future targets
o   Emre Akalın, Ziya Altuntaş, Şükrü Ecevit, Rasim Manavoğlu , Gurkan Sacikara  à who were my brothers and guardians in every way
o   Burcu Alkan, Melis Baykara; Gulcin Buruncuk, Damla Discioglu,  Ece Tovil , Nergis Mutlu; Deniz Ozcomak,  Mine Yardımcı, , Işıl Yıldırım , Asli Salman à with whom we shared so much and had many good memories as my sisters
o   Umut Çıkla ,Ercan Ceviz for bonding quickly although we did not have much time as new joiners
o   Accenture Turkey Leadership; Paolo, Tolga , Dilnişin, Ozgur, Emre, Hakan for everything that we have been through together 
o   Dilnişin , Funda Haktanır, Cansen, Pelin, .. for treating me special like I was part of FSI girls
o   Akile Özkaya, Tulay Karsli, Funda Derindag, Sevra Mahalli, Sure Köse,Pinar Eren, İlknur,.. for all  the TR support team on providing support and your kindness 
o   For all the other colleauges and great people that we worked together for Products activities
I wish you all the very best in your private and business life, many more successful years and great careers. There is a saying I like a lot: NIL MAGNUM NISI BONUM: “No greatness without goodness”. I will miss all the GOOD people that touched my heart in my Accenture experience
Kind Regards,
Best regards
Baris Karakullukcu
PS: I am so scared to FORGET anyone to thank specially  ; If I did please forgive me and it will be excuse for me to buy you coffee/dinner in Istanbul to be forgiven
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Anlatabildikleriyle DOST,
Eğlenebildikleri  ARKADAŞ
Anlaşabildikleriyle EŞ
Ağlayabildikleriyle KARDEŞ 
Olurlar. Accenture’da bu sure içinde bir çok Eş,dost,Arkadaş ve Kardeş sahibi olduğum için çok şanslıyım .
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